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Our Weekly Events 

Here at Robert's Lafitte, there is ALWAYS something going on. Different  events happening Mon-Thur. Weekends we have our drag shows Friday, Saturday & Sunday, all in evenings at 10:30pm.

We also host Out4Brunch shows, home bar of Pride Galveston Events, birthday parties for our family members, holiday brunches/buffets, etc.  Be on the lookout for the listed events on our social media and or sign up to get our weekly email newsletters. 

Monday nights is Customer Appreciation Day with Chachie as your bartender. Drinks are $3 for wells, beer and wine til closing time. 

Trashy Tuesday with Matty!

trashy tued_edited_edited.jpg

This day is always open & ANYTHING goes. Take this day as a day of relaxtion from the day before. Have some drinks, relax, enjoy the company around you and our weather.

Drag me to Bingo 


Every Wednesday nights we have poker with Harvey. Come on out have some drinks and show your hand at the game.

Drag Show weekends

Drag me to Bingo_edited_edited.jpg

Every Thursday nights are Drag me to Bingo with Chachie. 

Customer Appreciation Day!.png

Leather Night

leather night (2).jpg

Customer Appreciate Day

Poker Night

Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday NIGHTS starting at 10:30pm we have our weekend drag shows with our Ladies of Lafitte's and special guests.  Sunday Funday starts at 4pm 

Every 1st Friday of every month Paul Decker our bartender of the night is hosting this crazy event. Come on out put on your best leather gear and join us out back in our back patio Lagoon Bar,  for some cocktails, fun and relaxtion.

ALL THE FUN Guaranteed!

We hope you can join us and have some fun & relaxtion after a long work day/week. And on our weekends as well! Be on the lookout for special events held. Sign up on our Contact us Page for our events! And more importantly, WE THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF OUR ROBERT'S LAFITTE'S FAMILY! 



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